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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my child and I  join the program? 

The Early EdVenture Program has been developed alongside Primary School Teachers who are passionate about child development and want to see children succeed. While this program aims to help build school readiness skills, a large focus is on showing parents how to teach through play and be able to use play-based learning as a way to connect and teach at home. A strong focus in Early EdVenture sessions is placed on the social skills required to feel comfortable, confident and to make friends inside a classroom. Early EdVenture helps prepares students for the little things that School readiness Programs often forget. Holding our play-sessions within a classroom-like setting helps familiarise children with a class-environment, which helps alleviate anxiety when it comes time for school.

This program is also ideal for children who may or may  not attend Day Care, but would benefit from extra exposure to a classroom environment, learning opportunities and being around other children (outside of siblings or cousins).

How does this program differ from Day Care School Readiness or Pre-Kindy Programs?

The programs within Day Cares can be absolutely wonderful and we are so glad they are available at many Day Cares now. However, students are often in large groups, able to bypass this time if they do not feel like participating. The one and a half hour sessions at Early EdVenture ensure that your child actively participates with you, pays attention and most importantly has fun learning through play. 

Our sessions include parents, we aim to teach parents how to teach and produce learning opportunities at home to develop their child's school-readiness skills. This promotes more play at home and therefore promotes parent/child connection and bonding. 

Do parents stay for the class? 

Yes, parents stay. That is the biggest factor and difference about our play-sessions. We are designed to teach parents who then teach their children. 

How long are classes? 

Classes are tone and half hours in duration. 

Can my child attend more than one session a week? 

If you would like your child to attend more than once a week, they absolutely can. Please note that the theme stays the same, however, where classes are booked in advance we will make arrangements wherever possible to provide new activities for your child that second class. 

How many children in a session? 

There is a maximum of 10 children per session.

What does my child need to bring? 

Please have bring along a hat, water bottle and a snack. Please ensure that the snack is able to be consumed comfortably within 15 minutes and also ensure it does NOT contain any nuts. If your child requires any medication please speak to us before signing your child up to our program and please acknowledge that the accompanying Guardian will be responsible for administration of medication. We aim to keep our little ones as safe as possible and want to do the right thing by your child. 

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