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Learning through fun

Play program to build school ready skills

A play-based program designed for 3 to 5 year olds.

 Located in Gwelup, Perth, WA.

Steph Williams Early Edventure


Stephanie Williams

Stephanie is the Director and Lead Educator of Early EdVenture. Stephanie is a passionate Education Assistant who while undertaking her Bachelor of Education, has seen the need for children to have more exposure to play, social situations and a classroom environment before entering the school system. 

Stephanie has experience in both Primary and Secondary school settings, and has seen the positive effect that fun and early exposure to education can have on a students relationship with learning, for their entire schooling life. 

Early EdVenture has been created to foster a life-long love of learning, by teaching parents how to teach at home and further develop their child's the social, numeracy, literacy, fine and gross motor skills. These skills will have your little one confident, excited and ready to enter Kindergarten and Pre-Primary.

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